Rokt Climbing Gym

ROKT climbing gym use RotaCloud to save countless man-hours per month and schedule staff much more efficiently.

January 2015


ROKT is an indoor climbing gym with 30,000 members and growing. They run individual sessions, courses, team-building events, and have as many as 160 children attending their after-school clubs. To deliver all of that, ROKT has 16 full-time and 10 freelance instructors — something that makes the logistics of scheduling the team incredibly complex.

The challenge

Before making the switch to RotaCloud, ROKT relied on a basic spreadsheet that attempted to match the bookings they had on their calendar system to the relevant members of staff.

“One change on the booking calendar resulted in a whole change to the spreadsheet, then a reprint of the rota and emails sent to the relevant team members,” ROKT founder & commercial director Euan Noble told us.

“Each rota took on average a day to construct for the upcoming month and an hour a day to manage. On top of that, embedding holidays, sickness and time management was a whole other realm of complexity.”

Euan Noble

The time savings alone would warrant paying five times the current price for up to 25 employees.

Euan Noble

Euan Noble,
Founder & Commercial Director

The solution

As well as simplifying the rota building process itself, RotaCloud’s also helped with managing shift changes.

“The fact that any changes are emailed to the team instantly, and they always have an up-to-date view of the week and month ahead is incredible,” Euan said of RotaCloud.

“The time savings alone would warrant paying five times the current price,” he added. “Sickness, time management and holidays are simply a click away.”

It’s not just reduced admin that has helped Euan out, however. The multitude of reports that can be generated in RotaCloud based on past shifts have helped him plan for the weeks and months ahead.

“We can correlate staff hours with our busy periods so from a cost management perspective, we can easily refine and predict what our needs are. Having this analytic capability has enhanced our efficiency and continues to help us schedule and manage our most expensive resource.”