Circuit Clubbing

Managing three London nightclubs, Circuit Clubbing use RotaCloud to vastly reduce the time and expense of keeping their staff organised.

Bars & Clubs
January 2015


Circuit Clubbing is the owner and operator of Fire Nightclub, a club complex in London consisting of 10 rooms which can operate as one large venue or several smaller ones. The company also owns a bar-restaurant in Manchester and operates a promotions arm which promotes events all over the world.

The challenge

As is so often the case with rota planning, the main challenge Circuit Clubbing’s owners faced before discovering RotaCloud was the enormous amount of time it took to schedule staff across its many sites.

“With over 200 staff and organising anywhere upwards of 12 events per week, rotas have always been a time-consuming and resource-draining task,” Head of Operations and Development Phillipe Giovanni Chiarella told us.

Phillipe Giovanni Chiarella

RotaCloud has revolutionised the way our business organises our staff team and their rotas.

Phillipe Giovanni Chiarella

Phillipe Giovanni Chiarella,
Head of Operations and Development

The solution

RotaCloud’s intuitive interface and suite of tools have completely overhauled Circuit Clubbing’s rota-planning process, saving Phillipe and his team countless hours that they can instead use to focus on more important aspects of the business.

“RotaCloud has drastically reduced the time it takes to create the rotas for each department,” Phillipe told us.

Not only that, but RotaCloud’s accompanying smartphone apps have made it easy for managers to alert staff whenever there are shifts up for grabs, saving them further hassle.

“It has slashed the time it takes to find cover when someone can’t work,” Phillipe added, before offering up a few words of praise for RotaCloud’s customer support team.

“The customer service is second-to-none. New feature requests are taken seriously, and immediate support is almost always available.”