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Get your business back on track & keep it Covid-safe

We’ve made our scheduling and attendance tools completely free for six weeks — to help you and your team get back to work, safely.

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Helping you adjust to the challenges ahead

As we move in and out of lockdown and up and down the government’s list of tiers, businesses are having to adjust to new ways of doing things.

From maintaining social distancing in the workplace, to staggering shift start-times and splitting staff up into sub-teams, it’s never been more important for employers to identify and reduce COVID-19-related risks in the workplace.

The good news is, if you run a business that’s preparing to reopen, we’ve got the tools you need to help keep your team safe — and they’re free for six weeks.

Organise your team

Schedule shifts, keep your people safe

Like it or not, you’re going to need a rota. But don’t worry — our rota planning platform is as fast and user-friendly as they come. Plus, it’s accessible anytime, anywhere, with nothing to download.

Organise your team Organise your team Organise your team Organise your team
Gain visibility Gain visibility Gain visibility

Gain visibility

Reduce staff contact, maintain service levels

Staggered starts help limit contact between staff and keep your team healthy, while RotaCloud’s colour-coded Dashboard makes it easy to see whether you have enough shifts scheduled to meet demand.

Gain visibility

Reduce risk

Create sub-teams quickly & easily

Split your teams into distinct groups to reduce contact between staff. Use our Locations and Groups tools to assign employees to separate teams, and ensure that they only ever work with specific people.

Reduce risk Reduce risk Reduce risk Reduce risk
Nyton House logo

Just wanted to say thank you. COVID-19 has presented a massive challenge for a small care home to respond to changes in staff availability and rapidly fill open shifts. Big thank you to the RotaCloud team!

Harvey Hillary, Nyton House Residential Care Home
Record attendance Record attendance Record attendance

Record attendance

Secure, hygienic clocking-in

Our Time & Attendance tool (included free!) lets your staff clock in and out of their shifts using their own mobile phones, and automatically populates their timesheets for payroll, with no need for shared time-clocks or logbooks.

Record attendance

Balance your budget

Control labour costs

It’s more important than ever to be keeping a close eye on your expenses. In RotaCloud, you can see exactly how much you’ll be spending on labour, on a daily or weekly basis, as you schedule your shifts.

Balance your budget Balance your budget Balance your budget Balance your budget

Setup & support are on the house

Our UK-based support team are here to help you set up your account so that it’s just right for your business or organisation.

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