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Shift swapping

Shift swapping allows one employee to request cover from another employee for a shift they cannot work. They can also offer to work one of that employee's shifts in return. If both employees agree the request is sent to an admin for confirmation, and if they approve then it will automatically update on the rota.

How Employees request a Shift Swap

Employees submit shift swap requests by going to the 'Rotas' page and clicking the relevant shift they need covering. A popup will display and the employee click's the 'Shift Swap' button. 

Next they select the employee they wish to cover the shift from the drop down and they can also offer to cover for one of the employee's shifts in return by selecting from another drop down. This is optional and if the employee just wants to request cover for their shift then leave this field blank.

Once submitted the request is sent to the covering employee for approval along with an email notification. An orange swap icon will appear on this shift whilst the request is pending. If the covering employee approves the shift is then sent to an admin for confirmation.

Employees can also simply say they are unavailable, by requesting unavailability.

How employees respond to a shift swap request

If an employee receives a shift swap request they can respond by clicking on either the shift they are being asked to cover or (optionally) the shift offered to be worked in return. A pop up will display where the employee can either approve or deny the request.

If approved the request is forwarded to an admin for confirmation.

If denied the requesting employee is notified by email.

How admins respond to a shift swap request

Admins are notified by email of any pending requests. They can view the request by clicking the shift(s) in question. A popup will display requiring their confirmation.

If the request is approved it will automatically update the rota and both employees will be notified.

If the request is denied both employees will again be notified and the rota will remain the same.

Shift swap admin settings

In the Settings section of your Account Settings page admins can change the way shift swapping works to suit your business.

- Turn on/off shift swap functionality - Limit shift swapping for an employee to singular or multiple locations - Limit shift swapping by role so that employees can only cover shifts they are able to work

- Turn on/off admin approval. When turned off admins are no longer required to confirm a request, but can still see shift swaps by the swapping icon that displays on a shift.

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