Unavailability & Leave


Responding to leave requests

When an employee submits a leave request you will be notified by email and can respond by going to the 'New Requests' section on the 'Leave' page and clicking the 'Reply' button. 

A pop-up will display showing the details of the request and any message provided. You can then approve or deny the request, providing an optional reply if you wish.

On approval the employee will be notified and the arranged leave will be viewable under the employee's name.

Approved leave will appear on the rota in a hashed coloured box (colour varies based on the type of leave) covering the dates when the employee is away. If you attempt to rota an employee on a date when leave has been approved, a message will be displayed at the top of the 'add shift window' as a reminder of the leave arranged. A shift can still be forcibly assigned if an admin wishes.

If the request is denied then the employee will be notified.

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