Unavailability & Leave


How do employees submit unavailability requests?

Submitting a Request

If an employee is unable to work a shift they have been scheduled for, they can submit an unavailability request by clicking the relevant cell.

A popup will appear and the employee clicks the "Unavailability" button. Now the employee can include a message for the admin and send the request for approval. 

An orange icon will display on the shift whilst the request is pending and the shift will appear as a conflict on the rota.

Resubmitting a Denied Unavailability Request

Any further unavailability requests made for shifts which have already had requests denied will be met with a warning before attempting the request again.

How do I respond to an unavailability request?

Employees can also submit requests for annual leave, or create availability patterns to indicate when they'd prefer to work. They can also ask other employees to swap.

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