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Employee Availability

What it does

Availability lets you (as an employee) mark when you are free or not free so your rota managers know who can work what shifts in advance.

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How it works

On the Availability page you can create either a rolling pattern that is the same every week, or you can use the start date and end date to set when the pattern runs (e.g. if you have term dates, or a course for 6 weeks etc).

1. The first step is to give the pattern a name. If you are just using the one pattern this could be something like "Standard Availability", if it's a one off like a training course or a single day then you may want to give it a more descriptive name so you know what it refers to.

2. Next, choose when the pattern is effective from. You can either say "today onwards" or set specific dates. When setting specific dates, you can also keep the pattern rolling by not choosing an end date. You can then choose how often your pattern repeats, be it weekly or every 2, 3, or 4 weeks.

Setting how often the pattern repeats allows you to create multiple week patterns too. For example if you select it to repeat every 2 weeks, you could then create a second unavailability pattern to cover the alternate weeks by choosing a different start date.

3. You can set your availability in two different ways, depending on whether you are using a mobile device or a computer.

i. On mobile you add availability one day at a time. Choose either "all day" or select a time range (e.g. 9am - 5pm), and pick whether it is availability or unavailability you wish to add. Once you have added all you need to for Monday through to Sunday, click "Add" at the bottom of the page to save the pattern.

ii. On desktop you can view the whole week at once. To add to the pattern, firstly select whether you are adding availability or unavailability. Now click and drag your cursor on a day to set how long it lasts. If you make a mistake, click the cross in the top right corner of the bar you just added to delete it. Once you are finished click "Add" at the bottom of the page to save the pattern.

4. Availability patterns can be edited or deleted at anytime. The most recent pattern you create is the one that is applied first too, so if you created 2 patterns for this week it would be the pattern last added that is used.

5. On the desktop version you can also check how the pattern looks on the rota. Go to the Rotas page and in the Tools menu above the rota click Show Availability.

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