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Setting up location-based restrictions for clocking in

Please Note: The features discussed below are part of the Time & Attendance add-on package, and are not included in the standard subscription. To learn more about Time & Attendance and start a 14-day free trial, go to the Attendance section in RotaCloud.

RotaCloud allows you to specify a location for your workplace, and a radius within which your Employees must be in order for them to clock in.

This is a great way of ensuring your staff can only clock in once they've arrived at work.

It applies on both your terminals and the mobile app, and each timesheet record will come with a location attachment showing you where the clock-in and clock-out took place.

To set this up, you just need to add an address for your Location.

  1. Go to Company -> Locations
  2. Click the Location you want to add restrictions for
  3. Enter the address of the Location into the Address field. Blue dots should appear.
  4. Wait for a map to load. Once the map has loaded, check that the red pin is pointing at the right place. If not, try changing the Address.
  5. Once the pin is correctly placed, choose your radius using the drop-down labelled "Employees can clock in/out from". You will need to choose a different radius depending on the size of the workplace.
  6. Click Save

The Location is now set up for location-based restriction.

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