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Locking your tablet to the Terminal screen

Depending on the model and software version of your device, you may be able to lock the device so that it only displays the Terminal screen. These steps will set that up on your device, so your staff cannot access other areas of the device's software.

iPad (iOS 6 or later):

  • Open Settings and tap General
  • Find Accessibility and tap it. Then go to the Learning section and tap Guided Access
  • Flip the switch to ON, then tap Set Passcode.
  • Choose a passcode. This will be the one you use to 'escape' from the terminal, and should only be known to managers/admins
  • Launch the Terminal
  • Press the Home button quickly three times and tap Guided Access
  • To escape, quickly press the Home button three times and enter the Guided Access passcode you set

Android (Version 5.0 'Lollipop' or later):

  • Open Settings and go to Security
  • Scroll down and tap Screen pinning
  • Slide the switch to On
  • Launch the Terminal
  • Press the Overview (multitasking) button
  • Press the Pin icon on the Terminal window

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