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Sharing a rota to a non-RotaCloud user

You can use our Share function to share a non-editable version of your rota to a non-RotaCloud user.

To do this, go to the Rotas page and go to the Location you want to share from the Locations drop-down in the top-left corner.

Then, click Tools -> Share.

A dialog will pop up prompting you to create a new link. Click Create Link.

A link will be generated, which you can then send to whoever you need to be able to see that rota.

This link works for the whole rota, not just the current week. 

Please note that this is completely non-interactive, so anyone viewing the rota using this link will not be able to make changes or requests. The link will update live though, so whoever is using the link will always see the latest published rota.

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