Publishing & Notifying


Publishing shifts

Publishing a shift makes it viewable to employees and automatically sends email notifications. You can publish shifts on RotaCloud in three ways.

Publish Week

Select the 'Publish Week' under the 'Publishing' menu at the top of the rota. This will publish all shifts for the week you are currently viewing, and send email notifications to all the employees scheduled to work.

Publish As You Go

Tick the 'Publish and send notification?' box when adding a shift. The shift will instantly be published and an email sent notifying that employee.

Quick Publish Mode

Select 'Quick Publish Mode' under the 'Publishing' drop down at the top of the rota. This allows you to click the shifts, days or employees you want to publish or unpublish. Once you are finished click the quit quick publish mode button at the top of the rota and email notifications will be sent to all the employees who now have published shifts.

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