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How do I know that employees have seen the rota?

Shift Acknowledgement lets staff inform you that they have seen their upcoming shifts for a particular week. The feature is enabled via the Account Settings page and once activated staff employees will have an "Acknowledge Shifts" button appear at the top of their rota for each week. They can then log in and click this button to tell you that they have seen their shifts. 

This is then fed through on to your Admin view of the rota, putting a green marker next to the employee's name for that particular week so you can see who has acknowledged their shifts.

If an employee has not acknowledged their shifts for a particular then no marker will display. If they acknowledge their shifts, but then you make changes later the marker next to their name will turn yellow to signify that they have only acknowledged some of their shifts (and haven't seen the changes yet). The marker will stay yellow until the employee logs in and clicks the acknowledge button again.

It is also worth noting that staff cannot acknowledge shifts in the past, so once the shift has started they cannot retrospectively go onto the rota and acknowledge all their shifts. This helps ensure that the Shift Acknowledgement report on the Reports section is as accurate as possible.

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