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How do employees verify their mobile numbers?

You'll need to have SMS Notifications activated in your account to use this functionality.

Firstly, add each employee's mobile number to their personal profiles via the Employees page.

To receive SMS notifications, your employees must first have been invited to RotaCloud.

Once the Employee has successfully signed up for RotaCloud, they can add their mobile number by going to Your Details, in the Settings page.


An Admin, or a Manager with the "Add employees and view basic information" permission, can also add the phone number using the Employee profile.

Once the employee has added their mobile number, they will receive a text message asking them to verify the number.

They just need to reply 'Yes' to finish the process.


Each user can also pick and choose the SMS notifications they receive in the Notifications tab by checking the boxes accordingly and clicking save at the bottom of the page.

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