What can my employees see and do in their accounts?

When you add an employee's email address it invites them to use RotaCloud, so they can log in and view their shifts.

Employee accounts will NOT be able to change, add or modify any shifts or settings in your account. Only rota admins have access to these features.

What Employees can see and do:

- Log in and view their shifts any time and anywhere

- Add/edit their contact details such as name, address and contact number

- Receive email notifications alerting them to any new shifts or changes to the rota

- Print their rotas

- Export a live feed of their shifts into iCal supported software (such as Outlook Calendar, Apple Calendar and Google Calendar)

What Employees cannot see:

- Rota costings: employees cannot see salary information or any rota costing details. These are only visible to rota admins.

- Other employee details: employees do not have access to the Employees page

- Other locations: employees can only view locations which they have been assigned to.

Optional tools available to employees (these are on by default, but can be turned off in your settings page):

Submit leave (holiday) requests - when an employee submits a request admins will be notified by email and are given the option to either approve or deny the request.

Request unavailability - if an employee is unable to work a shift they can inform admins of the reason why and request that it be reassigned to someone else. Admins can then approve or deny these requests on the "Rotas" page by clicking the shift in question.

Shift swaps - employees can also organise their own cover by arranging shift swaps with their co-workers. If both employees agree to the swap, the request is then forwarded to admins for approval.

Add availability patterns - employees can create availability patterns which feed through to the rota. This can be useful if you need to find out when is best to schedule your staff members to fit around when they can and can't work.

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