Setting days off and regular work schedules

Work Schedule

The Work Schedule allows admins to pre-set each employees weekly "days off". So for example, if John is never available on Tuesdays, you can set this on his profile and it will display accordingly on the rota each week.

Also, any 'days-off' will be automatically discounted when adding leave on the leave calendar. So for example if you set an employee's days off as Saturday and Sunday any leave period which spans over the weekend will not take those days into account in that employee's leave allowance.

To set an employee's Work Schedule go to the "Employees" page and click on an individual profile. In the Work Schedule box simply select the days of the week you wish to assign as "Days Off" and click "Save".

Now when you view the rota any "Days Off" will appear as hashed grey boxes in the according cells.

Please note, you can still assign shifts to an employee's "Days Off", they are purely for informative purposes.

Days Off

You can also manually pick days off on the rota. To do so go to the Tools menu on the Rotas page and select "Set Days Off", then simply click the cells you wish to mark as a day off. Once you're finished hit "Cancel" at the top of the rota to exit this mode and return to normal rota building.

If you have a days off pattern that is longer than a week you can use the Manual Days off tool with the Copy Custom Range tool and replicate the pattern weeks and months in advance.

For example if you have a two week pattern in which days off vary, you firstly create a single instance of this pattern using the Manual Days Off tool. Then using Copy Custom Range, check the box that says "Include Days Off" and select your 2 week date range where you inputted the pattern, then paste it as many weeks and months in advance as you require. The tool will duplicate the 2 week pattern accordingly.

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