Granting Administrator & Manager rights

How to grant administrator or manager rights

To give an employee admin or manager rights go to the Employees page and click an employee's name to view their profile page. From the 'Account Type' field chose the status you wish to grant that employee and click save.

What administrators can see and do

Admins have access to all of RotaCloud and it's features for managing employees. They can update billing information, manage locations and are able to change account settings. Please note, they cannot delete or change the owner of the account.

What managers can see and do

Managers only have access to the locations you assign them to. By default they can manage the Rotas page, which includes adding/editing shifts and publishing rotas.

They also have a number of optional permissions which you can set on an individual basis, these include:

  • Handling employee shift swap/unavailability requests
  • Viewing/editing employee details
  • Handling leave requests and adding leave to the rota
  • Seeing employee salary information

For a detailed explanation of all the Manager permissions, look here.

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