An Employee's Guide to the Mobile App

The RotaCloud mobile app is available to download on both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices.

When you first access the app you will be asked if RotaCloud can access your location and if it can send you push notifications. We highly recommend you enable both settings as this will let you take full advantage of the app's functionality.

You will need to have set up login details on RotaCloud prior to being able to access the mobile app. Once you are registered you can log in using your email address and password.

If you forgot your password you will need to access the site through your devices web browser and go to the 'I forgot my password' link on the login page.


Once you are in the app you land on the Dashboard page, which gives you a compact view of all your shifts and the dates those shifts are scheduled for.

At the top of the screen you will see a menu icon and a bell icon. The bell icon will show any pending notifications you might have, whilst the menu icon lets you navigate to other sections of the app.


Here you can see a day view of each of the rotas you have been assigned to. Tap on a date to flick between days and use the arrow icons to move back and forth between weeks.

At each day on the rota you will see any day notes that have been added, plus any Open Shifts that are available to be claimed.

To claim an open shift simply tap it then hit the claim button (please note this functionality may not be available depending on your employers account settings and you cannot claim shifts when you have not been assigned the role.)

The rota itself displays in chronological order. You can use the app to submit unavailability and shift swap requests as well. If you tap one of your shifts you can access either of these two functions. 

Please see Unavailability and Leave section for more details on these types of requests.


The leave page shows how much holiday you have used, remaining and in total. The blue plus icon lets you submit holiday requests to your employer for approval. Fill out the form and click Send and the system will notify you once your employer approves or denies the request.


This is an optional page that may not display depending on your employer's account settings. If it is available you can use it to put in when your availability preferences are in advance. The following help guide runs through what availability does:

The mobile version of availability lets you add your pattern in daily rather than weekly.


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