An Employee's Guide to RotaCloud

Here is a step by step guide for anyone who has been invited to set up an employee account on RotaCloud.

1. Getting Started

Your employer/manager invites you to RotaCloud by adding your email address to your employee profile. The system then sends an email to that address so you can confirm your account up and get it set up.- If you cannot find the email please check your spam inbox first. If you still cannot find it please check with your employer that they have entered your email address correctly and ask them to re-send the invitation.

In the email, please follow the link to confirm your RotaCloud account and set up your log in details.

Now you are all set up and can log in by going to

2. The Dashboard

The Dashboard contains a monthly overview of all your shifts. You can navigate between months via the date selector at the top of the page.

3. The Rotas page (Desktop version)

The rotas page shows each of the rotas you have been assigned to. If you are assigned to more than one rota the location name in the top left corner will have a drop down menu from which you can navigate between rotas.

There is also a date selector to the right of this menu which you can use to navigate between weeks, or click to view a calendar and jump further ahead.

On the rota staff names are listed down the left hand side with your name appearing at the top.

Shifts contain a start time and end time, with (sometimes) a role added defining what your job/task is for that shift and a corresponding colour.

If there are any notes added to that shift you will see a speech bubble icon, and you can hover over it to view what the note says.

At the top of the page you will see a Tools menu. Here you can print a weekly rota for the location you are. You can also export a calendar feed of your shifts to any calendar software.

3. The Rotas page (Mobile version)

On the mobile version the Rotas page has been condensed to show one week at a time, with a list of each employee's shifts arranged in order of start time.

To switch to a different location clock the location name above the date selector.

To change weeks use the arrows either side of the date selector.

Any day notes display at the top of the rota, and you can view any shift notes by tapping on a shift.

4. Open shifts -

On the desktop version, at the top of the rota, above your name, you will see a row called Open Shifts (provided your account manager has enabled it). These are shifts that have been unassigned to anyone.

You can claim these for yourself on a first come first served basis by clicking the shift and hitting 'Claim'.

Once claimed the shift will be assigned to you on the rota automatically, so make sure you can definitely work it before claiming.

Please note - if clicking an open shift doesn't work your manager may have disabled this feature, or you may not be able to work the role. 

4. Notifications

Email notifications are sent to you whenever you have a new shift added, a shift is updated, or an open shift is available. Similarly, you will also be notified if any requests or holiday arrangements (see below) are approved or denied.

You may also, from time to time, see a number in a red circle in the blue navigation bar. These are in-app notifications that you can click and view. They occur, for example, when a colleague asks you to cover their shift.

If your employer has added SMS to your account you will also be able to receive text notifications. (You can find out more about text notifications here -

5. Requests

Please note - these are optional features which your manager may have enabled/disabled

Click a shift on the rota and you will get pop-up with the option to request unavailability or a shift swap.

- Unavailability: this tool lets you message your employer/managers that you cannot work this shift. They are then notified and can approve or deny the request. If approved the shift will be unassigned from you. If denied you will not be able to request it off again.

- Shift swap: this tool lets you arrange cover with another employee. You pick the shift you cannot work, choose the employee you want to cover for you and can optionally offer to work a shift for them in return. The request is then forwarded to the employee who can approve or deny it. If the employee agrees, then the request is forwarded to your employer/managers for approval. If approved the shifts are moved automatically. If denied at any stage the shifts stay where they are.

6. Leave/Holiday

The leave page gives you a break-down of any holiday you have added. Your allowances (if inputted) detail how much holiday you have remaining, and you can (if enabled) request leave via the button at the top of the page.

When requesting leave, choose the type of leave (only holiday comes out of your holiday allowance), a start date and end date, and then set any half days using the AM/PM drop downs. Add a message for your employer/managers and hit 'Continue'.

When leave has been added to the rota it displays in a hashed orange box.

7. Availability

Availability lets you mark down when you are free or not free to work so your employer knows if you can a shift in advance.

If you go to the Availability page, you can create patterns and mark down when you can or cannot work on particular days or time frames. You can create as many patterns as you like and can choose how often the pattern recurs, so whether it is every week or every other week etc. You can then set whether it is ongoing or if it ends on a specific date, i.e. if you are on a training course or have University or College term dates.

Each pattern you create is then fed onto the rota and you can see how it displays by going to the Tools menu and clicking show or hide availability (only available on the desktop version, not mobile).

8. Updating your details and settings

You can view and change your personal details (including your password and email address) by going to the Account Settings page (the cog icon in the top right corner of the blue bar).

Looking for a guide to clocking in? We have two. One for terminals and one for mobile.

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