Adding, inviting and removing employees

Adding Employees

To add employees to your rota go to the 'Employees' page and click the blue plus icon. Enter their name and a few details.

Is your existing Employee data in spreadsheet format? You may be able to import it directly into RotaCloud!

Inviting Employees

To invite employees add an email address to their profile. You can do this either when initially adding the employee or later by editing their profile.

The employee will be sent an email notifying them that they have been added to your rota. In the email they then click the 'Accept Invitation' button and can start creating their profile and viewing their shifts.

Re-inviting Employees

When an employee's invitation is pending a grey dotted circle displays next to their name on the 'Employees' page. If the invitation has been accepted this then disappears and the employee's name turns from grey to black.

To re-send an invite click on the employee's profile and at the top of the page click the 'Re-Send Invite' button.

A modal window will display giving you the option to re-send the invitation email.

Removing Employees

To remove an employee, go to the 'Employees' page and click the red icon adjacent to the employee you wish to remove. When you delete an employee it will also delete all their future shifts from the rota. However, a record of any past shifts will be kept on earlier rotas and this data will also be accessible in the Reports section.

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