Building Rotas


How to add, remove and edit shifts

Adding Shifts

To add a shift, click in a blank cell on the rota and fill out the details in the 'Add Shift' window. To add the time of the shift, type e.g. 9am to 5pm. You can also select a role for your employee/shift, add unpaid break time, and choose to publish the shift immediately.

Example formats for entering shift times

There are several valid formats when entering the time of a shift, such as:

10am to 6pm

11.30am - 6.15pm

09.00 til 17.00

These can be used in any combination, such as:

9am - 16.00

12.35 til 8.20pm

Removing Shifts

To delete a shift from the rota, hover over the shift and click the 'x' that appears. You will be prompted to confirm whether or not your would like to delete the shift. To quickly delete shifts without requiring confirmation, hold 'Alt' and click the 'x' at the same time.

Editing Shifts

To edit a shift, click on the shift in question and change the details. Then click 'Save'.

You can also move shifts onto other days and employees.

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