Building Rotas


Copy Custom Range tool

Use this tool to copy a customisable selection of shifts which can be repeated multiple times to fill your rotas quickly and easily.

How to use the tool

Go to the Copy menu on the Rotas page and click Copy Custom Range:

In the 'Copy' section select the start date and end date of the shifts you wish to copy.

Next, in the 'Paste' section select the start date from which you would like this custom range to be copied into. Then, select an end date and the tool will automatically repeat/loop your custom selection to fill the entire pasted date range.

So for example: Copying 1-7 Jan (7 days) into 8-28 Jan (21 days) would duplicate the copied week 3 times.


Customise which employees shifts you copy across in the 'Employees' selector. Uncheck an employee and any shifts they have that occur during the 'Copy' date range will not be copied.

Shift Clashes

When pasting your range some shifts may clash with shifts you have already assigned. Use the drop-down to select what action to take when the clashes occur.

  • Clear shifts before pasting 
  • Overwrite clashing shifts
  • Move copied shifts 'Open Shifts'
  • Don't copy shifts that clash

Top Tip

If you are using the tool to copy a shift pattern remember to include the days when nobody is working. For example: If you have 5 days of shifts during the week and the weekends blank, remember to include the weekend in your selection so that the 7 day pattern is copied across correctly.

Does this look too complicated for what you need? We have a couple of simpler copy-paste tools too!

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