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Integration with PeopleHR

If you have an account with PeopleHR and would like to synchronise that account with your RotaCloud account please follow these steps.

Setting up the Integration

Please note - Before integrating we recommend populating your PeopleHR account with data first whilst your RotaCloud account is empty.

1. Log in to your RotaCloud account

2. Click the "cog" icon in the top right section of your screen, and the select the tab named "Integrations".

4. Click the "Link Accounts" button next to the PeopleHR logo and a pop-up will display explaining how to generate an API key, required for the integration.

4. On a separate web page, log in to your PeopleHR account.

5. Select settings from the menu on the left and then select API.

6. Click the "+" icon to generate a new API key, give the key a name of your choice and tick all the options under application (this will future proof your integration against updates we may release).

7. Select save and PeopleHR will generate an API key. Copy this key and head back to your RotaCloud account.

8. In the "Link Accounts" pop-up, paste the key into the API key field. Select whether or not you would like to import email addresses. If you import email addresses all employees will be in emailed an invitation to log in to RotaCloud and view their rotas online.

9. Now click link accounts. In your "Employees" page you will see RotaCloud has imported all of your information from PeopleHR. Your employees are organised into locations and departments. The "Locations" page will have imported all your locations and the "Roles" page will have imported all your roles.

10. On the "Leave" page you can see that employee holidays have also been imported. On the "Rotas" page, if you select a location and date which we know has holidays you will see them highlighted on the rota in a hashed orange pattern.

11. Now your accounts are linked we will continue to keep your data synchronised. Updates occur every 15 minutes.

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