Independent artisan cafe chain Spicer+Cole turned to RotaCloud when their business outgrew their spreadsheets and handwritten rotas.

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With four successful locations, Bristol’s Spicer+Cole believe that great speciality coffee, fresh, healthy homemade food and a stylish yet unfussy environment combine to create the perfect artisan cafe experience.

The Challenge

Like so many business owners, director and founder Chris Swift started out by planning his staff rotas by hand. Before long, he’d moved on to using Word templates and Excel spreadsheets as a way of keeping track of things, but even these couldn’t take the strain when his business reached a certain size.

“The lack of publishing functionality and the inability for each store to easily access the other stores’ rotas, combined with the general clunkiness of using a spreadsheet for such a task, meant we were more than ready to move to a bespoke, cloud-based product,” Chris told us.

Clearly, it was time for a tool built exclusively for the job.

Spicer and Cole

"We've seen huge efficiencies in the time taken to draft, finalise and publish the store rotas."

Chris Swift, Director and Founder

The Solution

Chris told us that RotaCloud stood out from the crowd for a handful of reasons.

“RotaCloud seemed to offer the features we were interested in [and] looked simple to use,” he explained. “But possibly most important of all, it was a UK-based product with high levels of support.”

After taking the software out for a spin, Chris soon found that RotaCloud was helping him and his team reclaim the hours they’d previously lost to admin.

“We've seen huge efficiencies in the time taken to draft, finalise and publish the store rotas,” Chris said.

Not only that, but the ability for staff across different locations to see the exact same information was making their lives much easier.

“The way shared staff's availability can be seen by all stores really cuts down on the time taken to piece rotas together,” he added.

“The ability to advertise open shifts has been a real boon.”

Today, Chris and his team use RotaCloud not only to keep their rotas in top condition but also to monitor staff clock-ins with the Time & Attendance add-on.

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