Picture this: Designer & illustrator Sarah joins the RotaCloud team!

Phil Kendall

Jul 2019 ⋅ 1 min read


We have yet another new face in the RotaCloud office this week! Meet Sarah, our brand new in-house graphic designer and illustrator!

Sarah previously worked for CRM software provider Salesforce, producing large-scale graphics for events in various countries around the world. Since then, she's taken herself off to some similarly remote locations, working as a freelance illustrator while exploring Australia and New Zealand.

Here at RotaCloud, meanwhile, Sarah will be in charge of making all of our on- and 0ffline marketing materials shine, adding a splash of colour to our existing cast of characters and helping to grow and evolve our brand.

Outside of work, Sarah tells us that she divides her time between being engrossed in personal illustration projects and running the kind of distances that most of us would only consider if money were involved, taking full advantage of the picturesque valleys and hills of her hometown Helmsley, North Yorkshire, to train for upcoming runs.

She also tells us that she's addicted to liquorice, so we're hoping that all that running she does isn't some form of liquorice-withdrawal coping strategy...

Great to have you with us, Sarah!