Appy to have you: Welcoming Junior Android Dev Sakari to the team

Phil Kendall

Sep 2019 ⋅ 1 min read

We're chuffed to announce that Team RotaCloud has a new member! Meet Sakari, who'll be joining our Android app development team this September.

Comparatively new to the app-building game, Sakari learnt how to code after looking into the cost of having a mobile app built for her. Resolving that it would be cheaper — not to mention much more fulfilling — to build it herself, she set off on the road to code and got studying. Cut to just under a year later, and she's only gone and landed herself a job as a junior Android dev!

Previously, Sakari has held a number of professional roles, including that of personal trainer, and even had her own studio in London. Her list of hobbies is just as impressive, including offering training sessions at the gym, cooking, diving, and studying aromatherapy. She's even started making her own beauty products using essential oils, and recently renovated a property in the South of France!

Glad to have you with us, Sakari!