Great with a wedge of cheddar — Meet Jacob, our new front-end developer

Phil Kendall

Sep 2018 ⋅ 1 min read


We're excited to announce that Jacob Jenkins has joined the RotaCloud team, taking on the role of front-end developer.

It's Jacob's job to make sure that RotaCloud's web app always runs silky-smooth. He also plays a key role in developing new features and is our chief bug fixer — working hard to make sure that your RotaCloud account behaves itself.

Jacob first discovered his talent for coding at school, when his frustrated teacher thrust a beginner's guide to HTML into his hands and tasked him with building a website unaided as a 'punishment' — turns out he was pretty good at it!

But that doesn't mean that he just a code machine. Outside of work, Jacob enjoys music and plays the drums, previously belonging to a band in Sheffield. He also enjoys travelling, and recently visited Abu Dhabi.

Great to have you onboard, Jacob!