Android gets Georgeous — George Hargreaves joins the RotaCloud team

Phil Kendall

Oct 2017 ⋅ 1 min read


If you've noticed a sudden increase in the number of tweaks and updates to the RotaCloud Android app, you probably have George Hargreaves to thank.

George graduated from the University of York with a Master's degree in Physics. As you might expect, this means he has excellent problem-solving skills and is highly methodical — skills that transfer perfectly to a career in coding.

Working closely with our senior Android developer, it's George's job at RotaCloud to ensure that our Android apps are firing on all cylinders. He's also here to root out any pesky bugs.  

But that doesn't mean that he only thinks in zeroes and ones. In his free time, George likes to keep active, regularly enjoying bouldering and roller derby. He's also a top cook, an avid reader and gamer, and he's currently learning to play the melodeon.

Great to have you with us, George!