A match made in Devon: Welcoming Devon Chance to Team RotaCloud

Phil Kendall

Jul 2021 ⋅ 1 min read


Meet RotaCloud's newest team member, Devon Chance.

Originally from the mighty Redcar but now a proud York resident, Devon will be filling the role of graphic & motion designer at RotaCloud. That means he'll be helping to spruce up our website, app, and marketing materials — as well as adding some much-needed kinetic energy.

Having previously worked for companies ranging from supermarket chain Tesco to the National Railway Museum, Devon's professional portfolio is as varied as it is impressive, and we can't wait to see what he'll do with the RotaCloud brand.  

When he's not creating digital works of art, Devon can often be found working out, and tells us that, now that the gyms have finally reopened, he's usually there five days a week.

He also joins a sizeable chunk of the existing RotaCloud team in being a bit of a petrolhead, with a particular penchant for cars. He also gets a kick out of reading and learning new trivia — which is definitely something that will come in handy at our annual Christmas quiz!

Random Devon facts: he owns "far too many" pairs of trainers, loves going out to eat with his friends and family, and lists getting his hair cut as one of his favourite things to do.

Great to have you with us, Devon!