Most agreenable — Welcoming Colin Green to the RotaCloud team!

Phil Kendall

Jun 2019 ⋅ 1 min read

Say hello to RotaCloud's new senior web developer, Colin Green!

Dapper chap Colin — who tells us he's kind of from Wakefield, kind of from London, and kind of from York all at the same time — joins us from his previous role at Plump, a digital marketing agency also based in RotaCloud's hometown of York. He also used to work as a freelancer, lending his web-development expertise to businesses up and down the country in return for what we can only assume was oodles of cash.

That isn't to say that Colin's talents are limited to coding up a storm, however. He tells us that he comes from a "very theatrical" family, so he when he's not nestled behind his desk, he can often be found working as a roadie, set-builder and stage hand with the Rowntree Players amateur dramatics society.

At least now we know who to call on when we finally get around to taking our scathing satirical comedy, Shifts & Giggles, on the road...

Great to have you with us, Colin!