Is Your Restaurant or Hotel Looking to Hire? A Quick Guide to Advertising Job Opportunities

Joel Beverley

Oct 2014 ⋅ 3 min read


Looking to recruit new staff for your restaurant or hotel? Finding the right kind of people is a difficult task. It's not all about getting the word out, you want to attract suitable candidates. People who complement your current workforce, who can work as part of a team and help your business grow.

Do some research

You need to know what qualities, skills and personality types work best within your business. Finding a suitable candidate means you have to know what you are looking for. A good place to start is within your current team. Talk to your staff and get an idea of what traits you should look out for during the recruitment process.

Refine the feedback you get into a list of qualities you feel suit the position that needs filling. Categorise this list into skills and personality traits and build a profile which you can use to compare prospective candidates.

Bear in mind when assessing prospective employees that skills can be taught, but personality traits are intrinsic to an individual's make up. If a candidate has all the skills required but has a very short temper it can be more destructive in the long term than a less capable individual who is mild-mannered and willing to learn.

Write a killer job description

At a glance writing a job description is a simple task.

  • List the job title, what the salary is and how many hours a week it is
  • Provide a description of what the position involves
  • Specify any qualifications or skills that are required

However, if you want to ensure you attract the right kind of candidates what you include in the job description can go a long way. Incorporate the feedback you received from your employees so that the post reflects what your business is about.

A detailed job description can help you find that ideal candidate

Giving prospective applicants a feel for how your business operates and what is expected of them will direct candidates towards how they should approach their applications. By highlighting certain skills or traits that match the culture and work ethic of business, you will encourage applicants to give evidence of any such experiences, giving you a better insight as to who is the most appropriate for the role.

Where you post is crucial

There are many ways to advertise job opportunities, but keep in mind your target audience as it is important to post in the right places. Generally speaking local advertising is a good place to start.

Local newspapers and notice boards are a great, cost-effective way to target people who live near to your business and would be attracted by the job's convenience. Word of mouth can also be effective, so let your customers and staff know that you are hiring and put notices up in your establishment.

Online there are countless ways to advertise and reach a much wider audience. A great place to start is by posting on your business's own website, as well any associated social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter pages.

Social media, especially, can be a very effective way to reach a great number of people in a short space of time. Post and tweet about your job opportunities and encourage staff, friends and family to retweet and share your posts. If you consider the number of connections each individual has on their accounts through these sites, it doesn't take long to see how quickly your message can reach a widespread audience.

There are also many websites dedicated to advertising and promoting job opportunities. The costs and fees will vary depending on where your advert features and how extensive the listing is - some are even free with, Gumtree and Craigslist being two of the biggest.

They provide an easy, cheap way of reaching a big audience quickly, but if you want to target the right kind of candidate it may be worth paying that bit extra to refine who your advert is directed at. It may cost more in the short term, but it will save your team precious time vetting applications and interviewing candidates who are not suitable for the role, thus proving a more cost-efficient and effective method in the long run.

Advertising a job role is only the first stage of the hiring process. However, if you create a detailed job description and post your advert in well-targeted market specific areas, it will save you time and effort further down the line and make finding a suitable candidate a much easier task.