4 Ways To Make Overworked Staff Feel More Appreciated

Joel Beverley

Jul 2014 ⋅ 2 min read


Mid-summer is a busy period for the hospitality industry. Expanding your workforce is often a necessity, yet it is usually your regular employees who shoulder the majority of the burden. Shifts become longer and harder and the extra hours will take their toll on your staff.

Keeping them motivated and their morale up can be a difficult task at any time, but can be particularly tricky during a stressful summer season - here are four quick ways to ensure your employees feel valued and are happier to put in those extra hours.

1. Keep them fed and watered

Food increases energy levels and helps employees keep their productivity high. Staying hydrated is also crucial and will help staff concentrate. Let staff pick something from your menu, or reimburse them for meals they've bought elsewhere. Employees will feel appreciated and valued, keeping them motivated and ready to work.

2. Acknowledge those who work longer hours

Be aware of who is putting in those extra hours. Talk to those employees, let them know their efforts are appreciated and ensure the added workload is not negatively impacting their health. Overworked staff are at risk of burnout, so where possible try to balance the distribution of shifts and encourage other employees to put in extra hours. Give bonuses and rewards to those who work the most, making them feel valued and also giving other staff an incentive to work harder and longer.

3. Offer paid leave at the end of the season

Help employees plan their time off at the start of summer and give them something to work towards during this busy period. Staff will be extra motivated by having something to look forward to and also feel more appreciated. Consequently, it can also encourage employees to seek extra hours in order to pay for their holidays and breaks away.

4. Ensure they have regular breaks

For staff working long days make sure they get regular short breaks. It will give them time to relax and breaks up their day so they are physically and mentally fresher. This will help maintain higher levels of productivity for longer periods of time and lessens the risk of burnout.

Overworked and disengaged staff can have a negative impact on your business's productivity and lower the quality of service you provide. This will harm your business's reputation with your customers and ultimately affect your profitability. Make sure your employees feel appreciated for their extra efforts and they will remain motivated and your business will reap the benefits.

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